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Daily Dash - How to Play

Daily Dash Introduction

Welcome to Daily Dash, the highest grand-prize potential on InsideNation. Unlike in Fantasy Betting where you wager your own coins, Daily Dash is 100% free! It's all about making the most consecutive correct picks. If you build one of the longest streaks you can win coins by placing on our leaderboard, but if you get 25 correct picks in a row you win $5,000!

The Basics

Daily Dash is very easy, especially if you follow up with it every day.

There's No Need For Coins

If you have wagered all of your coins on Fantasy Betting that's ok, it doesn't cost you any coins, zip, zero, nada to place your Daily Dash pick.

Make Your Pick

Click the Daily Dash link from anywhere on the site and you will have access to hundreds of sporting events to wager on. You will see accurate odds, point spreads, and over/under bets, just like a real sportsbook. The difference here is that you can only bet on ONE game at a time.

Continuing Your Streak

There's only one restriction on the amount of picks you can make, and that is that your previous pick must be completed. For example, if you pick an early college basketball game correctly and it ends before a late NBA game you can make a pick on that game as well.

So your streak ended early? No worries!

If you fall short of the $5,000 Grand Prize, you can still cash in by making the weekly leaderboards.

VIP Club Advantages

Like always, our VIP Club members get some serious advantages with Daily Dash.*

Higher Payouts For Weekly Leaderboards

Basic members get their winings from a prize pool of 250 coins. But the Top 10 VIP members get a piece of the 5,000 coin pie!

"God Mode"

God Mode will show you how many picks have been made on each item in the sportsbook. This is a big advantage if you’re looking for games to wager on.

Start Betting Today and $5,000 Can Be Yours!