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Fantasy Betting - How to Play

Fantasy Betting Introduction

Welcome to Fantasy Betting, the flagship contest of We created an absolutely FREE sportsbook where we post a wide variety of sporting events for you to bet on. Just like a real sportsbook, if you wager correctly, you will win Coins. Unlike a real sportsbook, though, you will never have to deposit and can never risk a penny!

The Basics

Fantasy Betting is very simple once you understand how it works.

We Give You Coins

Coins are the official currency of InsideNation, and we will GIVE you 20 of them to start.

Wager Your Coins

Click the Fantasy Betting link from anywhere on the site and you will have access to hundreds of sporting events to wager on. You will see accurate odds, point spreads, and over/under bets, just like a real sportsbook. When you find something you like, click the “Place Bet” button and you will be able to wager your Coins on that event.

Wager Amount Restrictions

The most Coins you can win on any single wager is 1,000. So, our Fantasy Betting system will not let you wager more Coins than would pay out more.

Run Out of Coins? Have Some More!

Anytime you get below 20 Coins, just click the “Reload Your Coins” button and we’ll jump-start you back to 20. So, you’ll ALWAYS have a new, fresh start even if you hit a cold streak. You tell us what real sportsbook does that!

Cash Out Your Coins

The entire point of building your Coins bankroll is so you can cash out with profits, right? Well, visit our Cashier and exchange your Coins for Cash when you build your bankroll!

VIP Club Advantages

Like always, our VIP Club members get some serious advantages with fantasy Betting.*

Start with 100 Coins

While basic member start with 20 Coins, VIP Club members will start with 100 Coins.

Reload to 100 Coins

Basic members will reload to 20 Coins every time. VIP Club members will reload to 100 Coins. That’s five times what basic members get!

Cash Out at 2,000 Coins

VIP Club members can cash out at 2,000 Coins, while basic members have to build up to 5,000 Coins before they can cash out.

"God Mode"

God Mode will show you how many picks have been made on each item in the sportsbook. This is a big advantage if you’re looking for games to wager on.


Please consider these when playing Fantasy Betting

Parlays Must be More Than 50% Unique

Any parlays that are not more than 50% unique will be removed from your account. This is to prevent players from doing the same parlay (or mostly the same) over and over again to get around our "1,000 Coins max win per wager" rule."

Obvious Errors in Odds Will Be Void

We use feeds for our odds from popular and reliant sources. However, if the feed goes down or there is a bug, it's possible that our odds will be way off. If it's obviously incorrect, we will likely void all wagers on that event.