HotSpot Challenge - How to Play

HotSpot Introduction

Welcome to HotSpot, another challenge that InsideNation provides to you without risking a penny!

The Basics

HotSpot is a very fun and addicting way to scratch that competitive itch. We have taken a digital picture from a real-life situation. Then we remove ONE detail from the picture. Your job is to guess where the missing item is.

Each Contest is Different

In one contest you may have to locate the missing ping-pong ball on another the missing baseball. The contests are never duplicated and always a mentally stimulating.

Wagering Your Coins

HotSpot is a game that gives you a certain number of picks.. It may be five, it may be ten (each challenge has different parameters) but each of these guesses costs Coins.

When Will I know if I'm a Winner?

Each challenge has a maximum number of picks that can be placed by any InsideNation member. If that maximum number is 100, you can find out how you did immediately after the 100th pick is made.

Time To Get Paid!

Each challenge will have a different breakdown in how many coins it awards. The closest pick gets the highest percentage of the prize pool. Second place gets the next highest and so on...