InsideNation NEWS FLASH - 50 Coins Daily

InsideNation is taking yet another step in the right direction to benefit its members even more!!! Effective today you will no longer reload your Coins once you run out.  Don't get mad because we have something better! 

Now instead of reloading, you will get 10 - 50 Coins EACH DAY!  You will see the Green button to hit on every page until you accept your Coins.  Make sure you come to InsideNation each day to get your free Coins. If you miss a day on getting your Coins, the next day is still 50 NOT 100 and so on.  All the more reason to go to InsideNation each and every day! 

*VIP members will receive 50 Coins while basic members get just 10 Coins.  Just another great benefit of being VIP! To start getting 50 Coins each day Upgrade to VIP here.   Also if you don't want to use your credit card please contact our support and they can assist you in upgrading with Moneybookers or PayPal

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