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News Story #14

George Steinbrenner Dies

Posted July 13th 2010 12:34PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

George Steinbrenner, the beloved Yankee owner has died at the age of 80. According to sources it was a massive heart attack. He was born in 1930 at the height of the Great Depression. He was able to overcome that and own the New York Yankees. ... read more

News Story #13

Poker Stars goes down

Posted July 12th 2010 6:19PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

It was a gloomy day at the World Series of Poker. It all started with Phil Ivey aka Tiger Woods without the text messages. He lost a bad hand, his pocket queens to pocket kings. Other notables that went down like prom dresses on prom were, Chris F... read more

News Story #12

Look at him go...

Posted July 12th 2010 6:08PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

"And look at him go, he could go all the way...Touchdownnnn"! That is one of many of Chris Berman's famous lines. I can remember just about every Sunday waking up to Sunday NFL Countdown, one of the greatest sports shows ever. Chris ... read more

News Story #11

If the Ocotpus says so

Posted July 9th 2010 1:55PM by nailedanother1 in [ Announcements ]

Apparently i am not the only psychic out there. An Octopus has picked all of Germany's matches and now has picked Spain to win the cup. Well if the Octopus says so!!! Watch the video read more

News Story #10

Lebron is out

Posted July 9th 2010 1:38PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

It was confirmed last night in an interview on ESPN. King James is heading to Miami. He said that is was the best place for him and that he wanted a chance to win. Personally if he wanted to win, why not take the league minimum and go to Orlando w... read more

News Story #9


Posted July 8th 2010 8:11PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

Paul Goydos fired just your average 59 today. Being a former golf pro i know how difficult this feat is. Only 4 players on the PGA Tour have accomplished it. I have never even shot a 59 in my dreams, and my golf dreams are good! One big questi... read more

News Story #8

Quaterback Succes

Posted July 8th 2010 4:29PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

An interesting thought, can we predict a QB's success at the NFL level? With a few exceptions the answer is yes!!! Just recently, arguably one of the biggest busts in NFL history, JaMarcus Russell was arrested for a band substance. It was that... read more

News Story #7

UFC 116

Posted July 7th 2010 5:19PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

Duhhhhhhhi am gonnahave a Coors Light....No no wait Disneyland....nope i was right Coors Light! CongratsBrock!!!!

News Story #6

Hot in Miami

Posted July 7th 2010 12:42PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

DewayneWade and Chris Bosh will play for the Miami Heat. Things are heating up in south beach! There are still reports that Lebron James could sign along with them. See ya later Boston, there might be a new big three on the east coast. There are s... read more

News Story #5

Fantasy Betting Hits 200

Posted July 5th 2010 6:14AM by Birdman in [ Announcements, Fantasy Betting, Challenges, Sports ]

We just wanted to congratulate ourselves and more importantly all our members for reaching 200 players this week in our Fantasy Betting! started as a small website for our family and friends, but it has since grown far beyond.... read more

News Story #4

Where's Lebron Headed?

Posted July 5th 2010 5:45AM by Birdman in [ Sports ]

Pins and needles ... that's what it feels like these days in Cleveland. The entire basketball nation is awaiting an important decision from Lebron James, arguably the best player in the NBA, on where he will continue his basketball career next... read more

News Story #3

Netherlands Who

Posted July 2nd 2010 7:19PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

What a way to start the weekend!!!! In an epic battle the Netherlands stunned Brazil 2-1. The urgency and tension in the stadium made me feel like i was really there. No i was not watching the game in 3D but wish i had. Many feel this game ha... read more

News Story #2

InsideNation News Blast Off!

Posted July 2nd 2010 1:18PM by Birdman in [ Announcements ]

It's a big day for InsideNation freaks ... we have just launched our NEWS platform. While we won't claim to be expert writers or literary geniuses, we do love sports; and we think that we have a lot to offer to others that love sports as w... read more

News Story #1

We have LIFTOFF!

Posted July 2nd 2010 10:45AM by Brandon in [ Announcements ]

This is a great day! We have finally launched our News section where InsideNation staff will be writing stories and articles for your pleasure. We hope you enjoy this section!

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