Welcome to the TEAMS section of InsideNation where teams of 5 players compete against eachother to win a *!%&*& ton of extra Coins. The more teams we get, the more we pay out!
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Dec 1, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012

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Only for lithuanians(pass: Lithuania name lithuanian(first letter L))

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0 Coins

only for money

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Thrash Metal

0 Coins

...We had enough...

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0 Coins


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0 Coins

Das Glück steht auf unserer Seite!

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0 Coins

...have you ever seen the rain.

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Serbian betting team join us !!!

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0 Coins

Eco-friendly team! Long live Gaia,our planet ! :)

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zipszi team

0 Coins

Egy önálló csapat!:)

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Aussie Avenger

0 Coins

for any aussie punters

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0 Coins

no description

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Team Aspen

0 Coins


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Eastern Betters! Active members daily.

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Team Inabnitt

0 Coins

Inabnitt!!!! The magic tractor was driving down the road and turned into a field. :O

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Romanian Luck

0 Coins

Eastern Europe Betting!

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Showing 46 to 60 of 178 Teams

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How Teams Work

  • Each team may have up to 5 players
  • All Coins transactions from each team member will count for your team. (not counting Reloads and Cashouts
  • Each month we will have a Leaderboard and the prizes will be split among the winning teams' members.


Team Leaderboard

7,038 coins
Going Postal
3,238 coins
West Coast in da house
2,931 coins
Englands Own
1,550 coins
Alexa No.1
1,338 coins
hispano poker pro
1,300 coins
1,000 coins
Top VIP's
600 coins
412 coins
317 coins

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How Teams Work...


Welcome to our TEAM concept where groups of InsideNation members will compete to win even more Coins. IN is no longer just about yourself. Join a team and climb the Leaderboard for your share of thousands of extra Coins.

Team Basics

  • Each team consists of 1-5 players
  • Any IN member can create a Team or join an existing Team. Teams can be Private or Public. Private Teams will be protected by a password so only your friends can join.
  • You can only belong to one Team at a time. In order to join another team, you must leave your existing team first.
  • Your team will earn Coins based on each team-member's performance throughout the website. For example, if you win 500 Coins from Fantasy Betting, your Team will earn 500 Coins. If you earn 500 Coins from a referral, it will help your team the same.
  • Teams will compete on a Leaderboard each month to win Coins. Each Leaderboard will start every Team at 0 Coins.
  • Coins won from the Team Leaderboard will be distributed to Team Members based on their Coins contribution to the team. (see example below)

Team Example

  • InsideNation member "ABC" joins Team Dynamite, which has 4 other members already.
  • Team Dynamite finishes in 2nd place with 5,000 Coins for the Leaderboard and wins 2,000 Coins.
  • Player "ABC" contributed 2,000 Coins to Team Dynamite out of the total 5,000 Coins the entire team had. As a result, he will get 2/5ths of the 2,000 Prize.
  • Player "ABC" wins 800 Coins. The 4 other team members will split the remaining 1,200 Coins in the same manner.