World Soccer Challenge 2010

We couldn't help ourselves from creating a challenge around the most popular sporting event in the WORLD! Make your picks now, the first matches start June 11th.

Earn Coins 3 Ways:
1. Win up to 1,380 Coins by picking the winners and predicting the score of each match.
2. More coins you win, the higher you climb on the 50,000 Coin Leaderboard.
3. Grand Prize: $5,000 CASH if you correctly pick the winners of ALL 64 matches.

Sorry, there are no games posted yet!

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How You Earn Coins

Earn coins by guessing the winner and/or predicting the score for each match:

Round Winner Score
Group Matches 10 coins 5 coins
Round of 16 20 coins 10 coins
Quarter Finals 30 coins 15 coins
Semi Finals 40 coins 20 coins
Third Place 30 coins 15 coins
Finals 50 coins 25 coins

Leaderboard Ranking

Players will be ranked on the leader- board based on the total amount of coins won.

Leaderboard Ties

If two or more players have the same coins at the end of the challenge, they will be ranked accorind to:

1. Highest total correct.
2. Highest correct percentage.

Any ties remaining will split the prizes evenly.